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Remember to not mistake:              Activity for Achievement!
​When you are in the gym this off-season, focus on details and discipline. There are plenty of players that spend countless hours in the gym, but do not force themselves to be detailed. Shooting 500 shots is not enough. Shooting 500 shots the right way, at game speed is what you need. Dribbling the ball for 10 minutes a day is not enough. Focusing on your posture, your force, your eyes, and your quickness is what you need.    - Coach Brodzinski

SS Simon & Jude Catholic Parish

1607 Greentree Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15220

What is Maximum Hoops?

Maximum Hoops is a player development organization. Using an “Old School” approach, Coach Steve Brodzinski & his staff, demand high levels of concentration & effort on every repetition! No Gimmicks – Just hard work, attention to detail, along with EXPERT TEACHING & COACHING! 


Our mission at Maximum Hoops, is to instill confidence in every player, and focus on qualities that will ensure success both on and off of the court. Maximum Hoops player development focuses on improving you as a person, not just basketball player. We work with athletes of all ages, genders, and ability levels.

With an emphasis on MASTERING THE FUNDAMENTALS, along with implementing advanced teaching & coaching based on actual experience, Maximum Hoops will help you build a rock solid foundation. 



Maximum Concentration + Maximum Effort = Maximum Results 

John Vlasic has spent a lifetime studying the game of basketball. As a high school player under Coach Bill Sacco of local fame, John Vlasic learned to funnel his love of basketball into a focused pursuit of understanding the game. Their shared passion for the game of basketball led to a mentorship that continues today.


After completing his high school career, John Vlasic began training and coaching children with a shared love of basketball. While pursuing his own interests, John Vlasic was presented with an incredible opportunity to work and study under legendary coach John Miller.


As the lead trainer of Miller’s Drill for Skill organization, John Vlasic worked with the area’s top talents while continuing to study the game of basketball under Coach Miller. 


Our team’s desire is to shift the emphasis of todays’ basketball from a culture of playground style, highlight reel hoops, to a focused and disciplined approach to the game.


Through our concentrated individual and team skill development, the game of basketball becomes a competition of strategy and percentages instead of a quest of highlights and hope.


Team Drive is comfortable being in the background shadows, while you and your team enjoy the spotlight. For us, it’s not about our accomplishments, it’s about yours.

Ronnie Drennen, WPA Bruins Director of Skills & Development

As Director of Skills Training and Development, Ronnie Drennen runs youth clinics, leads skills sessions and educates coaches on innovative training methods. His focus is on developing age appropriate training programs in order to maximize their impact and success. A certified I’m Possible Skill Enhancement Trainer for over five years, Ron brings unique and proprietary curriculum and training methods to the Bruins School.

Ronnie has trained some of the best male and female athletes in Western PA, both in group settings and individually. He has worked with clubs such as Tarheels AAU, PK Flash AAU and Caveman AAU, and as owner of Peak Elite Skills Training, has trained over 75 youth athletes. He was Belle Vernon’s Head Varsity Girls basketball coach and was named MVI Coach of the Year in his first year as a head coach. 

Owner and Founder of Peak Elite Skills Training

Ronnie Drennen


Dominique is a West Virginia native and Greenbrier East High School graduate.  He has over 7 years of coaching experience and has coached at both  the AAU and Varsity High School level. He was recently the Head Strength & Conditioning coach at First Love Christian Academy, a prep school located in Washington, Pennsylvania, and has dedicated the last year working to build his Always Work Training program. Always Work Training  focuses on the Skills, Fundamentals, and IQ part of the game. Dominique believes in developing the (WHOLE) student-athlete.  Dominique recently became the Director of Skills Training for the Western Pa Bruins, a nationally recognized elite girls AAU Program. Dominique is currently working on his degree in Special Education and Athletic Coaching Education. 

Dominique Johnson

Phone (724) 531-8880

Jeremy Hayes - Head Trainer / CEO

Fadeaway Fitness is a company that specializes in skill development workouts for the game of basketball. Also, as a private trainer holding workouts for all athletes looking to improve speed and agility, strength and conditioning, balance and control, and nutrition for pre-season, in-season, and off-season athletes.


Fadeaway Fitness was created in 2017 by Coach Jeremy Hays. Jeremy is from McMechen, West Virginia. The major locations he holds workouts are in the Northern Panhandle in WV, Pittsburgh, PA, and Eastern Ohio. If looking to have Jeremy come to your state, please contact for details.

Established in 2016, Gym Rat Performance Training embraces athletes of all ages, sports and ability levels and works to help them build confidence and physicality. Founded by Andrew Kurzawski (the former head women’s basketball coach at the Community College of Allegheny County and former assistant coach at Penn State Beaver, Carlow University and St. Vincent College),  certified personal trainer and professional strength and performance trainer), Gym Rat PT has now become a go to for elite athletes looking to take their performance to the next level in Western Pennsylvania.

What makes us different? 

Our programs are designed for elite level athletes by coaches who coach elite level athletes.  We have trained NCAA, USCAA and NAIA All Americans as well as athletes from NCAA D1, D2, D3 and NAIA programs. Why would you train with trainers who don’t know your sport and don’t have a track record in the sport?  Knowing how to lift weights and gain muscle is only one aspect of athletic excellence. Our programs are designed specifically for your sport and taught by coaches who have played and continue to coach your sport.


Pete Strobl - Director

Upon retiring from playing nine seasons in the European Leagues, Pete Strobl recognized a need for advanced skills training in Pittsburgh. He founded The Scoring Factory in 2009 as an answer to that demand. Our first home was the historic Market House on Pittsburgh’s eclectic South Side before spending several years based in the historic fifth floor gymnasium of the PAA in Oakland. Since outgrowing that space, The Scoring Factory now operates in numerous gyms around Pittsburgh with multiple satellite locations.

The coaching team has grown to include experts in all facets of basketball as well as full body training in speed, strength, explosiveness and sport specific yoga. Over the years our alumni have played their way to successful high school, college and pro careers, making The Scoring Factory a destination to agents and recruiters at the international level.

From the ACC to the Big 10 to the WAC, The Scoring Factory has worked with student-athletes from virtually every division 1 conference in the NCAA. At the professional level, The Scoring Factory alumni have competed in twenty-five countries all over the world.

Pittsburgh’s Triple Threat Training was established in 2011 by Terence Parham and Jamal Woodson. Triple Threat Training is home to athletes dedicated to perfecting their skill and raising their game performances through focused instruction and competitive play

We at Triple Threat Training believe that the game of basketball is different than many others. When played properly it can truly become a masterpiece. It is our belief that future success in basketball hinges on the early development of fundamentals, and on building an environment that encourages freedom and creativity at earlier ages. With the right fundamental knowledge, people of all skill levels can enjoy the game.


Players need to take advantage of every opportunity to improve their skills. This is done not only through the Triple Threat high intensity training sessions, but also through their perspective team practices as well. The skills that are taught by Triple Threat training are done so under the direction of top-notch instructors. It is our hope that we are giving players the foundation they need to excel at the middle school, high school, college, and for some, the pro-level.


Achieving success not only on the basketball court, but also throughout one’s life, is dependent on a solid foundation and commitment to hard work. Our motto at Triple Threat Training is “Anything worth having is worth working for”. Players must remember excelling at anything in life takes great effort and sacrifice.

Contact Terence at:  412-853-8433

John Miller & Tim Kolodziej - Directors

Here is our daily training schedule :

Current Training Schedule Click Here



Current Training Schedule Click Here



Legends of Pittsburgh offers you 24/7 access to modern fitness equipment including top quality selectorized machines, cardio, free weights, strongman equipment, basketball court and turfed fields. 24/7 access gives you the convenience to get fit on your own schedule. Legends also offers high-intensity training classes, sport-specific training, and elite personal training to help you meet any health, fitness, or athletic goals.

Contact us to find out more or better yet, stop in and see what you’re missing!


About us
Located at the Pittsburgh Mills Mall, Legends of Pittsburgh Fitness and Performance Center redefines what a gym can be. Not only do we have the best equipment on the market, but we also have the best variety of any fitness center in the area. From advanced cardio, Cybex Eagle Strength Line, olympic lifting platforms, strongman equipment, power lifting and body building equipment, classes, basketball court, and two turfed fields, Legends of Pittsburgh has it all. Our staff and trainers offer training for ANY fitness level, ranging from professional athletes to those just starting out. We offer elite training and nutritional advice to set you up for success in health, fitness, and sports.

Located at Pittsburgh Mills in Tarantum, PA

Call Ron to Schedule a workout 724-882-2000

Clockwork Athletics, LLC is the premier player development training company in Northeast Ohio. Clockwork Athletics is designed to create elite basketball players.  We are primarily located in the Canfield, OH area but we travel all over Ohio training players. Each workout will consist of skill training and game situational training. This challenges players to become more skilled and being able to see when to apply it to the game setting. We love to work with players of all ages from young kids just starting to play all the way up to elite high school, college and professional players.  We use innovation in each of our training sessions and test the player(s) both mentally and physically.  Players will be put into "game like" situations while training along with various drills to improve their overall skill set. We work with males and females while offering both individual training and group training.  Our main goal is developing the player(s) in every aspect of the game. This includes all skills that the best basketball players must have in order to be successful.

We have worked with 200+ players across Northeast Ohio. We are more than willing to travel wherever necessary or we could provide a gym for all training sessions. We would love the opportunity to work with you and help you along your journey to success.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any point.

Sports City U is located:

3542 Teays Valley Road,

Hurricane, WV,USA

Sports City U Basketball Academy strives to improve the skills of young athletes, increasing their opportunities and broadening the chances of taking their basketball careers beyond the high school level, mainly through scholarships.


We also strive to give every child a chance to enjoy the benefits that the game of basketball has to offer.


Sports City U CEO & Nike shooting specialist Jim Clayton


Personal development coordinator with remarkable coaching and teaching experience, wide knowledge of basketball, strong commitment to athletic achievement and tremendous ability to prepare/execute practice and game plans. A strategic, deliberate and pragmatic coach who will implement dynamic strategies to achieve key program goals. 


Jim Clayton learned from top coaches such as Mike Krzyzewski and Lute Olson. Learning from the best to teaching the best such as Michael Jordan.

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