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Quaker Valley Girls Basketball Booster Club By Laws
October 9th 2017
Adopted: 1

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of the Quaker Valley Varsity Girls Basketball Booster Club organization is to enhance and promote the program within the Quaker Valley School District. This organization, working in conjunction with QVHS coaches and administration, has the intent to provide the opportunity for athletes within the Quaker Valley School District to play competitive varsity basketball, develop skills, promote social relationships among its members, and work to uphold the QVSD Mission, Vision and Beliefs Statements included in Appendix A.

The Quaker Valley Varsity Girls Basketball Booster Club will hold regular meetings during the school year, sponsor special events, and raise funds in order to be of assistance and to recognize the achievements of the student athletes. All events and activities will be conducted in compliance with the standards and policies set forth by the Quaker Valley School District.

Members are defined as any parent or legal guardian of active QVHS players (Grades 7 – 12). All members are extended voting privileges.
The officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers shall comprise the executive committee. The executive committee is responsible for leading the affairs of the booster organization and is required to vote on all matters that legally bind the organization to its actions. In the event any officer vacates an office in mid-term, a person appointed by the remaining officer(s) may fill in on a temporary basis until an election can be held at the next regular meeting. At the next regular meeting a replacement officer will be chosen by majority vote.

Selection of Officers: Officers shall be elected on/before the April meeting. Nominations shall be taken from the floor and approved by members in good standing by majority vote.
Term of Office: Officers shall serve a one-year term beginning July 1-June 30 and may be elected to concurrent terms.

The duties of the President are:
A. To chair regular and special meetings in a manner that is consistent with the purpose statement.
B. To make appointments as necessary.
C. To work cohesively with the executive committee to guide the work of the boosters organization.
D. To authorize payment of bills and other expenditures, in conjunction with the executive committee, that necessitates action between regular booster meetings.
E. To draft correspondence as necessary.
F. To notify members of scheduled meetings.
G. To keep on file a copy of the Bylaws and amendments and make available a copy of it to each player and member.
H. To make available to other officers, committees, and booster members, records or documents necessary for the performance of their duties; and upon request, to make all these records or documents available to any member in good standing.
I. To acquaint prospective and new members to the Boosters policies, procedures, and activities.
J. To serve as an official liaison to the School Administration.

The duties of the Vice President are:
A. To perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
B. To work cohesively with the executive committee to guide the work of the boosters organization.
The duties of the Secretary are:
A. To maintain/distribute the minutes of regular and special meetings, including committee reports, if applicable (e.g. fundraising committee, concessions committee).
B. To document attendance of all members and guests at all meetings.
C. To keep a current roster of players, parents and Booster club members and provide a copy to each player and member.
D. To determine who is eligible to be a member in good standing.
The duties of the Treasurer are:
A. To authorize payment of bills and other expenditures, in conjunction with the executive committee, that necessitates action between regular booster meetings.
B. To manage and maintain accurate records for the funds of the booster organization according to the guidelines set out in the section titled “Operation of the Treasury”.
C. To provide the membership with a proposed budget detailing anticipated income and expenses for vote for the upcoming season at the September booster meeting.
D. To provide the membership with a summary report of the income and expenses of the Boosters organization at the May meeting.
E. To keep current financial records and present a hard copy Treasurer’s report of the financial status, including an explanation of income and expenses incurred, to all members in attendance at each regularly scheduled booster meetings.
F. To maintain records of the organization’s checking account and balance the checkbook on a monthly basis.
G. To alert the other officers of any delinquent accounts.

Changes to the Bylaws:
Bylaws may be changed after electronically distributing the Bylaws and highlighted proposed changes at least two weeks prior to a regularly scheduled booster meeting. The Bylaws may then be changed after approval of a motion to amend or change and a reading of the amendment or change at a booster meeting by a majority vote for the amendment or change.

Conflict of Interest:
Any member of the board who has a financial, personal, or official interest in, or conflict (or appearance of a conflict) with any matter pending before the Board, of such nature that it prevents or may prevent that member from acting on the matter in an impartial manner, will offer to the Board to voluntarily excuse him/herself and will vacate his seat and refrain from discussion and voting on said item.

Dissolution Clause:
Upon dissolution of the organization the remaining assets must be used exclusively for exempt purposes, such as charitable religious, education and /or scientific purposes.
The executive committee is empowered to appoint members to chair committees as is necessary to conduct booster affairs. Committees may include, but are not limited to: Fundraising, Concessions, Banquet, Program and Special Events.

Operation of the Treasury:
A. The Fiscal Year shall be defined as July 1 – June 30 to coincide with the QVSD fiscal year.
B. Proceeds and receipts shall be deposited upon receipt and maintained at an FDIC insured depository bank.
C. All disbursements of funds shall be a check requiring two signatures. The President and Treasurer are authorized as signatures on the checking account. The Vice President may sign in the absence of the President or Treasurer, if needed.
D. The financial reports submitted by the Treasurer shall be audited once a year by the President, Vice President, and one member of the organization in good standing.
E. All expenditures are to be aligned with what has been specified within the annual budget. The approval of the budget constitutes approval for line item expenses.
F. Emergency Clause: In the event that a disbursement of funds is necessary on an emergency basis (meaning an expenditure that has not been specified as a line item within the current budget), the Officers may pre-authorize such disbursements. These type of expenditures will be included as part of the Treasurer’s report at the next regular meeting. Email or telephone conversations can be used to vote on a disbursement as long as it is documented.
G. Any single distribution that exceeds $500.00 requires the approval of all Officers. The approval of the budget constitutes approval of any line item that exceeds this amount. Email or telephone conversations can be used to vote on a disbursement as long as it is documented.

Meeting Structure:
Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the meeting agenda distributed with advance notification of the boosters meeting. In order for official action to be taken, a quorum consisting of 3 eligible voting members (1 officer and 2 members or 2 officers and 1 member in good standing) must exist. Meetings shall be chaired by the President or delegated to another member of the executive committee. Meetings shall proceed as follows:
A. Call to Order
B. Presentation of the minutes of the previous meeting
C. Officers Reports
D. Committee reports
E. Coaches reports
F. Old Business
G. New Business
H. Assignment of Tasks
I. Adjournment

Key Activities
A. Fundraising Activities: Solicit Sponsorships and memberships, Sell program ad space, Car Washes, Spaghetti Dinners,
B. Staff a run game concessions
(Parents’ beverage and food donations/schedule/set up/close up/price sheets/ticket desk set up)
C. Create Game Programs
D. Sell sports apparel
E. Provide team food for away games
F. Fund Team apparel
G. Sponsor Senior Night
H. Sponsor Team Banquet/Awards
I. Sponsor Team camps
J. Sponsor and facilitate community basketball skills camps

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