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Quaker Valley Girls Basketball believes in supporting the growth, and development of our girls, both as athletes and individuals.  We have strong relationships with local AAU programs that will help teach both basketball and life lessons.  AAU is a broad landscape that can be quite overwhelming, so through our network of parents, alumni, and coaches, we have found programs at all levels of engagement that emphasize the women's game and provide a positive environment for our players.  We strongly recommend that the player and parent attend at least 1 workout or tryout with multiple organizations to get a "feel" and find a home.  

Non-team time is when you work to improve your individual skill level.  In season team practices are spent in team concepts, offensive philosophies, defenses, and situational team-centric drills and exercises.  We have collected the information for some of the best individual instructors in the Pittsburgh area, for those interested in improving their game, and reaching their highest level of success.  As they say "Some dream of success, others wake up and work hard at it".

Being a better athlete, helps you become a better player.  Developing healthy habits, translates into better life long health.  Here are some reputable options that have a proven track record within our program.

There are a lot of opportunities to work on your game individually and in a team environment throughout the year.  A number of colleges, AAU programs and trainers hold workouts and camps, and we try and keep you up to date on the opportunities in and around Western Pennsylvania.


There are numerous camps, clinics and workouts throughout Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and Northern West Virginia.  We are blessed to have some renowned trainers and camps withing a 4 hour drive from Pittsburgh.  We encourage players to reach out and expand their experience to include these opportunities


There are several college recruiting exposure events held annually in the Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia area, along with numerous "ELITE" College Camps.  Check us out here for information as some of these are invitation only, other require Coach recommendation.

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